Quality automatic garage door openers make coming and going from your home safe, secure, and simplistic. We install LiftMaster openers that are powered by quiet and powerful AC and DC motors that are equipped with security enhanced features. Regardless of your garage door brand, we have an automatic garage door opener solution to meet your specific needs.

We offer automatic openers designed for multiple door types including: rolling doors, one piece tilt style doors, and sectional/panel doors. Whatever the door, we have what you need. All the models we carry come with a life time warranty on belts and motors

LiftMaster Models:

Model 8500

A part of the LiftMaster’s Elite Series, this wall mounted opener offers a sleek, space-saving design that mounts onto the wall beside your garage door giving you ceiling space. This is the best choice for Full Vertical Lift, High Lift, Standard Lift, and Low Headroom Track setup. This model comes fully equipped with Security+ 2.0®, MyQ® Technology, a LCD programming menu, motion detected light activation, and a Timer-to- Close system. It is the only residential operator with a deadbolt lock for your garage door. 8500 is battery backup compatible and it is the quietest model we carry because of its reliable DC motor.

Model 8550W

Also part of LiftMasters Elite Series, this model ensures that you have access to your garage at all times, even during unforeseen circumstances such as a power outage. This revolutionary DC Belt Drive offers quiet operation and comes fully equipped with built in Wi-Fi, Security+ 2.0®, MyQ® Technology and a Timer-to-Close feature. Every operator comes with solid boom, and every trolley system is sized specifically to your door height.

Model 8355

LiftMaster’s Premium Series Garage Door Opener provides durable and energy efficient performance that will last you through the seasons. The Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®) provides quiet/smooth operation while being fully equipped with Security+ 2.0® and MyQ® Technology.

Model 8365

This model is reliable and has exceptional all-around performance. This chain drive opener is the perfect choice if you want durability coupled with appealing style. It also features Security+ 2.0® and MyQ® Technology.

We sell and professionally install all LiftMaster products.



LiftMaster’s keyless interface is compatible with the majority of garage door openers. You now have the option to securely open or close your garage door without a key or cumbersome remote control. With one press activation, you can close your garage door instantly. Residents additionally have the ability to program a temporary code for friends or service workers like us!


We offer a mirage of remote controls. The Universal Remote Control is compatible with the majority of residential and commercial garage door openers, gates, or MyQ® technology. The Universal Remote Control can securely command multiple brands of openers at the same time. Additional remote control options include Four Button Programmable Remotes, visor clip remotes, Three Button Mini Remotes that fit on your key chain, and Contractor Series One Button Remotes.


Automatic gates offer a secure and space saving solution into restricted areas for both public and private car parades.