Our team specializes in garage door services!

Garage Door services and Accessory Sales

Adore A Door takes pride in providing high quality materials at competitive rates. We offer comprehensive overhead garage door and opener services to all residential, industrial, and commercial sites.

Operator/Opener Repair and Installation

Adore a Door offers operator/opener supply and install services for residential garage doors and industrial/commercial overhead garage doors. Have an opener problem? Call us today and we will have a member of our team repair your garage door opener to restore optimal functionality.


Residential Install

Garage doors are a long term relationship. That’s why we at Adore A Door want to serve you. Just like any relationship, you want to feel and be 100% certain that this is your match before committing to your new purchase. Our service team will guide you through the process from start to finish. We have garage door models of all types. You can be sure that we will find your perfect match with ease.

Industrial and commercial Install

Let us help you score your most underrated business partner. Committed to increasing efficiency, profitability, and insurance of your business, Adore A Door has a dedicated team of professionals ready to support you through your work- site needs.


Residential Garage Door Repair

Industrial Overhead Door Repair/  Commercial Overhead  Door Repair

Adore a Door helps mend dysfunctional garage door relationships.

Offering emergency assistance 24/7. Is your garage door stuck? Late for work? Call us on a moments notice and we will do our best to have you on your way in the shortest amount of time possible.

Preventative Maintenance Education.

Adore A Door is comprised of informative crew members that educate customers about preventative maintenance measures that can save you, your family, and your company hundreds of dollars every year. . Ask about our preventative maintenance checklist when you speak with us.


More Information About Repairs

Garage doors are a focal point of every beautiful home. Your garage door, the accessories, and your garage door opener, all work in unison to increase the functionality of your entrance & exit system. Convenience and ease when entering and exiting your home is what makes the garage door a noteworthy component in overall home satisfaction.

A reputable garage door repair man, who does regular, semiannual garage door checkups is something we highly recommend. Our professional technicians empower our customers with insightful tips on self- maintenance strategies, while also taking on the burden of more dangerous garage door repair. This ensures customer safety.

What could be dangerous about garage door repair? The garage spring of course. If you need a garage door spring fix, call us today!

Do you have a garage door on your commercial property? Garage door heights can also pose a threat to customer safety. Leave this challenging task to garage door experts. Repairs to your overhead door spring for your commercial building is something we do each and every day.

Garage door repair companies are often too overwhelmed with customers to offer timely services. Leaving many people wondering, “Should I try and repair this garage door my self?” It is always best to consult a professional when dealing with heavy moving mechanisms to avoid safety concerns and costly errors. Garage door Kelowna services is our top priority.

Garage door repair for garage doors Kelowna is what we are in the business of doing! We offer garage door repair for all residential and commercial properties.


We have a wide array of common service needs:

Garage door too loud? We have a garage door repair fix.

Garage door up, and won’t close? Call us!

Garage door repair for worn out cables? We offer cable changes.

Garage door repair of your opener? Call us!

Garage door chamberlain opener? We deal with all types.

Does it take your garage door long to close? We have a remedy.

Have an interesting garage door make? Have questions? Call us!

Looking for a garage door supplier? We offer great rates.

Are you due for a garage door replacement? We have expert installers and many creative door options.

Interested in a garage door LiftMaster opener? We supply and install.

Wondering what type of material you can attach a door to? We anchor doors to metal, wood, masonry, and concrete frames.

Need to find a garage door man? This local garage door company is ready to serve!



Adore A Door strives to promote a legacy. One rooted in customer focused service with quality product. Legacy garage doors last!

We aim to be your local garage door master technicians for all Okanagan garage doors.

Supplying Steel craft products, West Gate Door products, Amarr, Sunshine Door, and more, Adore A Door delivers an abundance of choice and solutions.

Let us help you make your garage door repair a breeze.


Remember, we service all Okanagan valley garage doors!

We are your one stop garage door depot.