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Overview of Commercial Garage Doors and Industrial Garage Doors and Services

Your garage door is a crucial investment for your business…

Due to today’s ever increasing demand for production speed and system efficiency, the functionality of your business entry way is absolutely paramount! Therefore, commercial garage doors and industrial garage doors MUST be properly maintained for increased ease and profit.

Furthermore, garage door safety is that of the highest priority on any legitimate work-site. Beyond consistent garage door upkeep, tune-ups, and repairs, it is especially relevant to gain the education needed for preventative maintenance involving your garage door and opener system.

Commercial garage doors are cumbersome entry ways. Hence, it is extremely important to address any garage door malfunctions before they cause or pose any security or safety hazards. When certain repairs are left unaddressed, damage costs can accumulate, and may end up costing you as much as a new door all together. Leave this to the expert technicians at Adore A Door. We would rather your safety above all else!

In order to ensure a perfect match, Adore A Door provides you with a team of experienced professionals who ensure that the selection, durability, functionality and integrity of your Commercial garage doors that will withstand the test of time.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Even more noteworthy, your safety is our goal!


At a pre-scheduled time, an Experienced Installation Service Provider will visit your location to discuss the project and your preferences. During this visit, the Installation service provider will verify measurements and inspect any existing garage doors. Remember, we give free estimates with absolutely no obligation!!


An authorized Adore A Door technician will deliver your new garage door and do a professional installation at a time that’s most convenient for you. Any existing garage doors/overhead doors will be removed and taken away, and the garage door will be installed with weather stripping, and all other hardware. At all times, the installation expert will maintain a safe work-site and ensure a thorough cleanup.


In conclusion, once the installation is complete, Adore A Door will meet with you to perform a final inspection of your new garage door, answer any questions, and confirm that the project meets Adore A Door standards .

 The Adore A Door Difference

Located in the central Okanagan, Adore A Door proudly services all of Kelowna, West Kelowna, and Surrounding areas.

Family Owned
Founded and operated by members of our own family, Adore A Door intends to keep our future as humble as our roots. We believe in community. And look forward to future developments in and around our city.

Customer Specific
The Adore A Door family values authenticity. We strive for the upmost customer satisfaction. No two individuals are the same. And every door we Service is unique.

Results Focused
Offering a lifetime warranty on our workmanship, Adore A Door is committed to the longevity of our products and service.

Quality Guaranteed
Offering a wide range of insulation values and high functioning springs and openers, we stand behind the products we offer.

Call today for a free estimate!

When we repair your existing garage door or install a new one, you can rest assured that we will take the necessary time to inspect it and test it for safety. Our friendly technicians are dedicated to meeting all of your garage door repair and service needs. Call us today to request more information about our services, or to receive a free, zero obligation estimate! Adore A Door is proud to serve your commercial & industrial overhead garage door needs!

If your garage door loses its functionality unexpectedly, we would be happy to offer you a same-day service appointment. Adore A Door Overhead Door Service caters to all of your garage door needs in Kelowna and surrounding areas. We also service greater surrounding areas. Call us for more information regarding commercial garage doors! We will offer you no obligation quote.


For industrial and commercial properties, we supply and install Upwardor Thermalex TX450 and TX500.

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